Sunday, May 20, 2007

Life in Xi'an

Yeap back again from a fun filled week... haha blogging in the office... what the? Anyway, as promised, the pictures of my living quarters, pretty decent huh... its a bit messed up now cos its a "guys room" but who cares man... and also my room and my queen sized bed...~comfy.

Getting ready for our first day or work... zhaiz... let me introduce you to them (from right to left):

1) 天才,no need to elaborate more haha...

2) Jinyue, "不要乱花钱" aka financial accountant (everyday must close accounts then can slp, haha)

3) Limin, "没有名字啊,我 seh 你啊!" aka Ah Lian

4) Chie Yen "need help? 500 yuan" aka Miss Evil

5) Eileen, "姜小姐,姜葱的姜" aka president

6) Chin Chun, aka 老大

This picture shows us before going into the production area... our assigned lab coat... cool huh... but boring work la... everyday tour factory only then read SOP... haiz and the best thing was they thought we are engineers from Hong Kong, duh! We are business students from Singapore leh!!! whatever it is... make the most of it la... but at least they treat us pretty decently.

So after work we will cook on Mon, Wed and Fri, the rest we eat our... hahaPresident and Ah Lian making dinner... but surprisingly the dinner was not only edible... its pretty tasty... haha... not bad not bad... at least we won't starve to death...

Monday, May 14, 2007

Bongs in China...

Finally some internet connection... Been to Xi'an, China, for 3 days but pretty ok experience up till now...

Anyway, its the first time I've been to the budget terminal and on a budget airline, and they don't call it the budget terminal for nothing... Its really budget... There's nothing there. But all in all, the flight was ok considering the price. But in China, we found out that its not easy to find your way around because some of the arrows points to dead end... haha they just point to you the general direction and you have

to find your way there by some alternate route.

Never trust China arrows!!

Well and one of the funniest thing was the fire emergency phone... nothing special, just that I could not really find the phone... wahaha...

Erm... where's the phone?

Chie Yen, Limin and Eileen looking at 帅哥

Once we reached Xi'an, we were received and greeted by a warm and friendly "何哥" who brought us around. We were so pampered that we're like some kind of VIPs... well if thats the way they treat interns here, I have absolutely nothing against it haha. Then there was the welcome dinner which featured some local delights. If you are interested to know how our room looks like, I'll upload it on my next post... but its like a condo... sibeh 夸张...