Thursday, July 3, 2008

Pinky in Perth... Part 3 (Little Creatures)

Well, up next, we drove down to Fremantle, initially planning to have Cicerello's for dinner, together with Danny, Miriam and Weiliang, but they were closed for that day, perhaps we went too late or something. The other restaurant, Kaili's was also closed... Oh shit... so what to do, go to a bar nearby, called "Little Creatures" for dinner.

Little Creatures is an interesting place, but its really really expensive. Its something like a brewery at the back and you can actually see how they make their beer, ale whatever there is. Its kind of an open concept which makes it really interesting. Nothing fantastic but not a bad place to visit. Must try the ales and chilli mussels there!!! And also the wood-fired pizza, especially the leek and potato, darn yummy...

But we returned there again the next day, determined to have seafood. Contemplating between Kaili's or Cicerello's, we decided on Kaili's since gin have tried Cicerello's before. According to gin, the fish at Cicerello's is nicer but Kaili's oysters are juicier and lobsters are slightly better... No wonder they have loyal crowds although they are like just side by side..

After food, take a walk nearby, cos its near the sea, you see alot of seagulls, i was so excited.. first time see seagulls... so swakoo, then u can walk to baskin robbins for ice-cream... wonderful... try world-class chocolates.. recommended by Gin.. and its darn smooth...

Food in Australia is like super ex... but its the norm.. requires some getting used to... :P

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