Friday, August 1, 2008

Birds in flight

Haven't been blogging much ever since work started, but still, folding never really stopped~!!! Anyway, folded a couple of birds last week and its kinda detailed. Quite happy with the final outcome. The first was a flying crane, created by Roman Diaz. Especially liked the feet with claws, but not to be folded with normal paper. Its quite a recent discovery, that brown wrapping paper makes very good folds as well, mainly because its thin and at the same time relatively strong. To top that, it takes folds very well and makes shaping after folding easy.

Second work is another of my creation, but i feel its like the best so far. Its folded from a flying goose base, and with my newly discovered brown wrapping paper, i am able to incorporate much of the details in with ease. The focus of my hawk is on the wings and posture, so the rest of it are very much simplified. A pity is that the feets don't come with claws. Will work on that, when i have time. But the next thing i will do is to try the Satoshi Kamiya ancient dragon on brown wrapping paper.

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